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Fascias & Soffits Nottingham

After years of exposure to the uk weather your fascias, soffits and barge boards can rot and cause unforeseen damage to your property and also can make your house look untidy. uPVC replacement fascias, soffits and guttering in Nottingham is by far the best way to solve this problem as it requires no maintenance and will also make your house in Nottingham more attractive!



Fascias are the long, straight boards that run along the lower edge of the roof. They support the bottom row of roof tiles and carry the guttering. Attractive uPVC fascias in Nottingham are just as strong as the original wood but have the added appeal of being hassle free. Cliff Lonsdale Roofing supply and fit top quality uPVC fascia boards in Nottingham that are maintenance free and very economical with a life expectancy of over 20 years. 



Soffits support fascias and provide ventilation to the roofs of centrally heated homes. Without this ventilation condensation can form and increase the risk of timber decay.  We supply and install flat and fluted uPVC soffits in Nottingham, along with cladding in a range of colours and various venting systems.



Leaking gutters can cause expensive repair bills. Joint failure is predominantly the cause along with corrosion. Repairing guttering is considered as a short term fix. The permanent solution is to install hard wearing uPVC guttering in Nottingham. Gutters can also become overwhelmed during storm conditions if obstructed by debris from trees or droppings, hence it is advisable to have them cleared on an annual basis.

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