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Flat Roofing Nottingham

Our priority is to provide professional excellence combined with high standards of workmanship and quality materials, together with an excellent, competitively priced and reliable service, giving our clients excellent value for money.

Flat felt roof


We can solve all your flat needs from small repairs to complete replacement. We offer a full flat roofing and felt roofing service. We use a high performance polyester based green mineral torch-on felt that will, for sure keep your roof water tight, and we guarantee our work for 15 years.


At Cliff Lonsdale Roofing we aim to give our customers the highest quality service and very competitive prices.


We take pride in the finished look and the quality of the workmanship.

Your flat roof will stay water tight


Flat roofs are often used on extensions, garages, porches and out buildings. Don't let anyone tell you that a felt roof will never remain water-tight. Flat felt roofing materials are much more robust, much cleaner and certainly more attractive than they used to be.


Recent changes in Building Regulations and the growing demand for increasing thermal efficiency has resulted in an increased demand for bituminous flat roofing systems. Bituminous flat roofing systems can provide the highest thermal performance for the minimum thickness built up, and the bitumen bonded application method effectively seals all the potential water leakage points. Bituminous flat roofing systems have been tried and tested for over 100 years now and reinforced bituminous membrane roofing has a proven track record for robust performance and long term durability.




Flat roofing process explained


We use the tried and tested traditional felt roofing process. We firstly consruct plywood boards and add 3 coats of high performance polyester based green mineral felt applied to the roof top and to the edging with Bitumen.


We ensure the finished roof and the edging is neat and tidy and finished with attention to detail.

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